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Giphy and Emoji Updates

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We now support the option to put GIFs into your messages. (GIFs are limited to PG-13)

We also updated the way emojis look. Emojis will now appear how they look depending on your device's operating system. (Meaning, if you post an image of a laughing emoji, it will look different on an iPhone, then on an Android device)

Special Project Notification Update

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We have sent a notification to all registered users!

Every day, we will send you an alert until October 12th 2022...

Check your notifications here: Check Notifications

Special Long-Term Project

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Your probably wondering what we mean by "Special Long-Term Project", right?

If not, well now you are. (Hopefully) :)

Anyways, CreativeBuilding | Network is working on something special for our website that can improve functionality, and accessibility. (Don't worry there will be more special features besides boring stuff)

We aren't going to say anything else, but you can expect an update between 10/01/2022 - 10/12/2022 (October 1 - 12) 😉

Only registered users will be getting more information about the special project. We recommend you register now to be able to hear the special news! <- Register here | (We also will be having a special store discount for registered users ONLY during the announcement. So make sure to register between 10/01 - 10/12 to get the special store discount! - Discount lasts 30 days after registration.)

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