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Forum, Discord, and In-Game server rules here.

These rules will be in effect: 3/24/2022
Last Updated: 7/23/2023

Forum/Website Rules
Punishment duration for forum/website rules depends on staff decisions and the severity of the issue. It can be anywhere from a "discouragement" and/or content takedown to a permanent ban.

  1. Respectful Conduct: All forum members are expected to uphold a standard of respectful conduct when interacting with others. Treat fellow members with courtesy, refraining from personal attacks, insults, or any form of harassment.
  2. Constructive Discussions: Engage in constructive and substantive discussions that contribute value to the forum. Stay on-topic and provide thoughtful insights or opinions to foster meaningful conversations.
  3. Prohibition of Hate Speech: The use of hate speech, discriminatory language, racism, sexism, homophobia, or any form of intolerance is strictly prohibited within the forum. Maintain an inclusive and respectful environment for all members.
  4. Prevention of Spamming: Refrain from excessive posting of irrelevant or repetitive content that disrupts the natural flow of discussions. Ensure contributions are relevant to the appropriate threads or sections.
  5. The forum strictly prohibits any form of scams, fraud, or the sharing of dangerous external links. Links, particularly those related to scams or fraudulent activities, should not appear on the forum platform. If you receive a link from an untrusted source, refrain from clicking on it and promptly contact a staff member. We will investigate the link further to ensure its safety and legitimacy. To report such incidents or user-related issues, please utilize the "Contact Us" feature or report the user and/or user content to the moderators. Our team will promptly address the matter and take appropriate action.
  6. Posting illegal or derogatory material is strictly prohibited within the forum. This encompasses content such as malware, pornography, torrents, and any other materials that infringe upon legal or ethical boundaries. Violations of this rule will result in appropriate disciplinary measures.
  7. Language and Etiquette: Adhere to proper language usage and demonstrate respectful etiquette. Avoid offensive, explicit, or vulgar language that may compromise the integrity of discussions.
  8. No Advertising: Obtain explicit permission from the forum administrators before promoting external products, services, or websites. Unauthorized advertising or self-promotion is prohibited.
  9. Intellectual Property and Copyright: Respect the intellectual property rights of others. Do not post copyrighted material without proper authorization or fail to attribute content to its rightful owners.
  10. Users are strictly prohibited from employing any methods or techniques to bypass content filters implemented on the forum platform. This encompasses but is not limited to, activities such as altering text, utilizing special characters, or employing coding tricks with the intent to circumvent the filtering system. It is paramount to respect the intended purpose and integrity of the content filtering system in place.
  11. Engaging in hacking or exploiting activities is strictly prohibited. Users are strictly prohibited from attempting to hack into administrative systems, user accounts, private conversations, or engaging in any similar unauthorized activities. While our forum software incorporates built-in protection against hacking and DDoS attacks, it may not be entirely infallible. Please be aware that hacking can result in a ban of up to 30 days while attacking our servers will lead to a permanent ban from the platform.
  12. Privacy and Personal Information: Safeguard the privacy of forum members and individuals. Refrain from sharing personal information without explicit consent from the parties involved.
  13. Kindly ensure that avatars/profile pictures, usernames, and about me sections adhere to appropriate standards. Failure to comply may result in administrative action, such as modification or resetting to default settings.
  14. No Trolling or Flame Wars: Maintain a mature and respectful environment by refraining from trolling, flame wars, or engaging in behavior intended to provoke conflicts or create disturbances.
  15. Reporting Inappropriate Content: Promptly report any instances of inappropriate content or behavior to the forum moderators or administrators for appropriate action.
  16. Compliance with Forum Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with and adhere to the specific guidelines and rules established by the forum administrators. Complying with these guidelines ensures a cohesive and enjoyable forum experience.
  17. Refrain from posting in threads that have been inactive for more than 60 days, as this practice is commonly referred to as "necroposting" or reviving obsolete and irrelevant discussions.
  18. Engaging in post-farming is strictly prohibited. Post-farming refers to the act of rapidly posting messages with the sole intention of increasing one's message count. Such messages may be deemed spam and subject to deletion.
  19. Religious or Political content: We humbly request your adherence to refraining from sharing any religious or political content within this community. Our primary focus centers around fostering a vibrant environment for Minecraft-related discussions, server events, gameplay strategies, and creative content. Let us prioritize our collective enthusiasm for Minecraft and maintain a courteous atmosphere while building a cohesive and professional community. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.
  20. Penalties for Violations: Violations of forum rules may result in warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the infractions. Enforcement of penalties aims to maintain the integrity and quality of the forum community.

Minecraft Server Global Rules

Many of the punishment lengths are purposefully vague so precedent and staff discretion can be more easily used, allowing staff members to adapt punishments as time goes by, rather than being bound by arbitrary rules created with limited knowledge of the reality they intend to dictate. Words such as “short” and “long” about punishment duration are extremely relative; for example, a “short” punishment for breaking one rule may be a 5-minute mute, while a “short” punishment for a different rule may be a month-long temp ban.

  • The punishments follow the following general formula:
    Offense committed: punishment for first offense -> second offense -> … -> nth offense

  • If you see a “<->”, this means the punishments on either side of that symbol may be used for the same number of offenses (i.e. first offense, second offense, etc.) depending upon the severity of that offense.

1. Using modded clients - Optifine, Shaders, and other mods which improve gameplay is allowed.
- Speed mods (Nuker, Fast Break, Fast Mine): warning -> 1-2 month temp ban
- Fly mods (SurvivalFly): warning/kick -> 1-2 week temp ban -> by 1-2 month temp ban
- Spawning invalid items: warning/kick -> short temp ban -> long temp ban
- Schematic mod: warning/kick <-> short temp ban <-> long temp ban
- Auto clickers: warning/kick <-> short temp ban -> long temp ban
- Other malicious mods: Staff member's discretion.

2. Advertising: saying a competing server's IP address, name, discord, website, and/or any affiliated services in any chat/private message. - This includes things like private Discord servers.
- Warning <-> 3-6 month temp ban -> 6-12 month temp ban -> permanent ban

3. Malicious use of profanity/General disrespect against or intentionally provoking others
- Warning <-> 5-10 minute mute <-> 30-90 minute mute -> short temp ban <-> long temp ban
(Please note: profanity IS allowed to a certain extent. We are usually lenient when it comes to this, but please do not take advantage of our rules regarding profanity.)

4. DDoS threats/hacking threats/resolving/mentioning IPs/distributing personal information.
- 3-30 day temporary ban <-> long temp ban <-> permanent ban

5. Any kind of discriminative (e.g. racist, homophobic) builds or chat messages
- 1-3 hour mute <-> 1-2 day mute <-> short temp ban <-> long temp ban

6. Lag/crash machines - trying to lag, crash, or otherwise hinder the server or network's performance.
- Long temp ban <-> permanent ban.

7. Spamming in chat.
- Kick <-> short mute -> long mute -> short temp ban

8. Repeatedly begging staff or players for goods, services, or actions.
- Warning -> short mute <-> long mute -> short temp ban -> long temp ban

9. Bypassing chat filters/using alternate spellings or characters to use banned words/phrases in chat.
- Warning <-> kick <-> short or long mute -> short temp ban

10. Spambots.
- Immediate IP and username ban.

11. Nude or inappropriate skins.
- 1-hour temp ban (enough time to change it)

12. Inappropriate usernames, e.g. containing racist or homophobic words/phrases.
- 30-day temp ban (enough time to change it)
- Can be removed if you prove you have changed your username, such as with namemc.com

13. Mini-modding/dictating rules to others/attempting to enforce the rules as if a staff member.
- Warning -> short mute -> long mute -> possible short temp ban

14. Ban evading - using alt accounts or a VPN to join the server while banned.
- Username and IP ban.

15. Using too many alt accounts/Too many accounts joining on the same IP address/Using alt accounts to gain an advantage - this includes, but is not limited to all direct benefits like claiming multiple vote party crates or keeping mobs spawning/crops growing. Uses that do not provide an advantage over other players, like recording videos or streaming are fine.
- Warning <-> short IP temp ban <-> long IP temp ban

16. Harassment (sexual/verbal/etc.) towards a player or players on the server.
- Warning <-> short mute <-> long mute <-> short temp ban -> permanent mute <-> long temp ban -> permanent ban

17. Attempting to recruit players for a personal build team, staff team, or similar.
- Warning <-> 3-6 month temp ban -> 6-12 month temp ban -> permanent ban

18. Sending pornographic or "shock" links in the chat.
- Warning <-> short or long mute <-> short temp ban <-> long temp ban <-> permanent ban

19. Staff Impersonation/Changing your username to resemble a staff member's/Pretending to be a staff member and/or server member - if done with possible malicious intent, determined by staff.
- Warning -> long mute <-> short temp ban
- Additionally, the player will be nicknamed to their last known username until they change the offending username.

20. Inappropriate builds. Ex: builds containing male or female genitalia.
- Warning (if online) <-> 1-3 day temp ban <-> 1-4 week temp ban

21. Speaking any other language besides English in Global chat - Any language can be spoken in a private message or different channels.
- Warning -> short mute -> long mute -> short temp ban (should never get to this point unless the player is particularly argumentative, in which case they likely have broken other rules)

22. Sexual roleplaying/conversation on the server/recruiting players for sexual roleplays using the server.
- Warning <-> 1-2 week temp ban from all CreativeBuilding services -> Permanent ban from all CreativeBuilding services

23. Using the Playershops/Marketplace as a way to avoid making or joining a town. - Renting a player shop in the marketplace to use as a home instead of a shop is not allowed.
- Warning <-> Shop plot ownership revoked. (You will no longer have ownership over a shop plot. Items will not be given back unless the staff feels like you have a good reason to get your items back)

PVP Rules For Lobby

  1. Fair Play and Integrity: Players are expected to engage in PvP with the utmost fairness, abstaining from any form of hacking, cheating, or exploiting of game mechanics. The use of unauthorized mods, hacks, or exploits that grant an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
  2. Consensual PvP: PvP encounters should only transpire with the explicit consent of all involved parties. Engaging in non-consensual PvP or initiating attacks without mutual agreement is strictly forbidden.
  3. Preservation of Gameplay Experience: PvP activities must not extend beyond combat encounters. Participants are prohibited from engaging in griefing or stealing from others during PvP engagements. The focus should remain on fair combat, respecting the integrity of other players' creations and possessions.
  4. Respect for Designated PvP Zones: PvP should be confined to designated areas or agreed-upon arenas as stipulated by server administrators. Players must abide by the established boundaries and regulations governing PvP zones.
  5. Limitations on Spawn Camping: Continuous targeting and killing of players immediately after respawning, known as spawn camping, is deemed unfair and discouraged. Players must allow others a reasonable opportunity to regroup and defend themselves effectively.
  6. Promotion of a Positive Environment: While PvP may foster intense competition, players must uphold a respectful and sportsmanlike atmosphere. Any form of harassment, toxic behavior, or the use of offensive language is strictly prohibited during PvP engagements.
  7. Non-Exploitative Behavior: Exploiting bugs, glitches, or unintended game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage in PvP is strictly forbidden. Players should promptly report any such issues to server administrators, contributing to a fair and balanced gameplay experience.
  8. Sanctity of Safe Zones: Certain areas within the server may be designated as safe zones, where PvP is expressly prohibited. Players must adhere to these designated safe zones and refrain from engaging in PvP activities within their boundaries.
  9. Prohibition of Unfair Account Usage: Utilizing alternate accounts to gain an unfair advantage in PvP, including espionage or the provision of additional resources, is strictly prohibited. Players must exclusively engage in PvP using their main account, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.
  10. Adherence to Server-Specific Regulations: In addition to these overarching guidelines, players must comply with any supplementary rules or guidelines stipulated by the server administrators specifically addressing PvP. Familiarizing oneself with the server's unique regulations guarantees an equitable and enjoyable PvP experience for all players.
  11. Global server rules adhere to this statement. Failure to abide by these terms will result in such discipline as stated by each rule section.

Discord server rules

1 Stick to the Channel theme. Try to stick to the theme of the channel. Don't spam inside Channels, and don't go out of your way to attempt to cause other aggravation.

2 No Advertisement Any types of external links are not allowed in the server, they will lead to an instant ban.

3 No Drama. Do whatever it takes not to start or encourage unnecessary drama.

4 Respect the Staff Team. If you have any questions or objections, feel free to create a ticket about it or report inappropriate behavior. Do not ping staff unless there is a matter that needs immediate attention.

5 No alt accounts. Alternate accounts are not permitted on the server. Please only join with one account or we'll ban them all.

6 No Harassment. Do not post information or pictures of other people without their permission. Any type of severe harassment (blackmailing, doxing, hate speech) will lead to a permanent ban.


Non-compliance with the established rules will result in appropriate disciplinary action being taken. The duration of the punishment will be specified for each category of violation.

Please note that if any activity is deemed illegal according to United States law, such as engaging in cybercrimes or other unlawful actions, law enforcement may be contacted with a warrant.

We firmly condemn illegal activities or engagement in such activities. If you come across any violations, we urge you to report them immediately by utilizing the "report" button on a user's post or by contacting us directly. You can find the contact information in the provided link: Contact Us.

For matters related to rule violations or any other concerns, you can also directly reach out to @System Notifications. Please refer to their profile for the appropriate conversation format. Messages sent to the profile will be reviewed within approximately 1-2 days, considering the severity of the issue and ticket load.
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