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New Forum Language

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Over the next few weeks I will be busy adding on a new language to our forums.
**NOTE** As of right now... The language phrases may not appear because not all phrases have been changed. It may take up to a few weeks for the new language to appear in more spots.

Spanish (ES)

It will take me a few months to fully complete, as there are over 10,000 files that need to be recoded to allow the new language to work.
FOR NOW... Beta Testers can test out the new language here and chose Spanish (ES) - {Beta}

Translations are from Google Translate and may not be accurate. If you know the language well and decide to test it out, shoot me a DM if there are any errors and send me the correct version and I will replace it.

There will be a button on the footer that will allow you to switch between languages.


More accessibility features will be here soon. Over time more and more will be released.

Site Updates

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On January 3rd, 2022 at 3:30:30 PM, our site will look a bit different.

Whats New With This Update

  • New Style
  • User Account Upgrades (Currently out and working [beta] Go here to upgrade your FORUMS account rank)
    • If you don't receive your rank immediately, take note that it is in beta and may take a week for the rank to roll out to the user)

Maintenance Over

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The maintenance on the server is over as of 12/1/2021

Server Version 1.8 - 1.18 [BETA]
You may connect to the server with: play.mc-creativebuilding.net
New features will be gradually added into the server when we do tests.

As of right now, the server only has survival. We are working on releasing other gamemodes in the future, such as skyblock, creative, etc.
/vote works and prizes are given out. Vote crate keys will be given soon, but /vote will get you $250 added into your account.
Vote Sites That Currently Work: PlanetMinecraft

We will add more vote sites in the near future.

Bedrock is not setup on our server yet. Please give us a few weeks to work on this.

We now have a few pages for our website while the server has been offline.

  1. http://status.mc-creativebuilding.net - StatusPage that will tell you about our service statuses.
  2. https://mc-creativebuilding.net/newsletter/ - Sign up for weekly newsletter emails.

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