Ranks, Perks & More. (Survival 1.20 Reset)

Ranks, Perks & More. (Survival 1.20 Reset)
With the new Survival mode update, The 1.20 update, we have decided to add ranks to the server.

There are 2 types of ranks now.
Global Ranks, and Upgradeable Ranks.

What is the difference?
Global Ranks carry across all servers. They have different benefits for different game modes.
Upgradeable Ranks, however, is only in the current game mode you are playing. In this case, survival

Unlike the 1.19 update, where there was only 1 rank, and to rank up you had to purchase them with real currency, you can rank up with in-game currency to earn more perks & features. Here, this article will list the perks & upgrades you can get by ranking up.

In the 1.20 update, there are 7 new ranks to upgrade to. To prestige, use /prestige (If there is an issue with the command, manually ask online staff to prestige)

Perks For Upgradeable Ranks:

Wanderer (Default): List warps, visit all warps, list items on the auction house, search on the auction house, create buy & sell chest shop types, view chest shop info, access shop menu (/shop), Auto-AFK, Access your balance (/balance), View the entire server's balance, visit your homes (/home), ignore annoying people, send mail (/mail), pay others with /pay, view your playtime (/playtime), sell items with /sell, visit spawn (/spawn), Teleport request (/tpa, /tpdeny, /tpaccept, /tpcancel), Random Teleport (via spawn or /tpr), view warp info, join all jobs, job shop, create private chests - [Donation, password protected, private, public, display] (private = automatic - use /lock, to unlock /unlock), access quest master /quests, view quest info, rank up to next rank.

Warrior: +Everything From Wanderer, Back on-death (/back), disposal menu to get rid of trash (/disposal), pay confirm-toggle (Confirmation when you pay others), toggle whether you can send/receive payments, Teleport Here (/tpahere) - Ask players to teleport to you.

Guardian: +Everything From Warrior, Access an on-screen cartography table, use /seen (See when a player was last online), Access /afk (No need to wait to go auto AFK anymore. Auto AFK is still enabled.),

Conqueror: +Everything From Guardian, Access to /fly (Fly for an unlimited amount of time), /repair (or /fix) - Fix items that have been worn down. This has unlimited uses,

Champion: +Everything From Conqueror, Safe-login when flying (If you go offline while flying, you will be put to the safest location upon logging back in. Conqueror does not have this, so therefore if a conqueror tries this, they could possibly perish from fall damage.), access an on-screen Grindstone, Rename items and add item lore (With custom colors, fonts, and formats), change walk speed and flight speed.

Legend: +Everything From All Ranks (Including Champion), Sync nicknames with the server chat on discord, access /kittycannon, use /nick and /nickname, Change your personal time and weather (/pweather & /ptime) - Others will not see the changes.

As more features are added, more perks will be added.
All ranks can set multiple homes.

How many homes can each rank create?
Regular Ranks:
Wanderer: 2
Warrior: 5
Guardian: 8
Conqueror: 12
Champion: 16
Legend: 20

Global Ranks:
Artisan: 25
Master: 35
King: 65

Perks for Global Ranks.
Visit https://store.mc-creativebuilding.net for an in-depth list of Global Rank perks.
Global ranks include everything from Legend and more. Once you purchase a global rank, you are no longer able to rank up with upgradeable ranks.

How do I use each command?
To use the correct syntax for each command, please visit https://help.mc-creativebuilding.net
Or, this article: https://mc-creativebuilding.net/community/threads/help-commands.56/
(Both links lead to the same place)

If you have any issues, contact us: https://mc-creativebuilding.net/community/misc/contact or admin@mc-creativebuilding.net
(Especially since the server is just released, unwanted bugs/issues may arise. We are always happy to help, and we provide compensation for those who report the issue to us)