Single Server -> BungeeCord Server Migration


The server is now out of maintenance and is ready for all users to join and have fun! Thank you!
Make sure to join our discord server:

The server is expected to leave maintenance earlier than expected. The server is expected to exit maintenance at 9:00 AM on 2/25/2023 (EST)! We are so excited for the new experiences and memories yet to be made on the new update!

We are currently in the process of moving our primary server to a BungeeCord network.

We will have a lobby, survival/towny, and creative server again!

This will take a few days to set up and perfect to ensure there aren't any bugs or errors that could cause negative gameplay.
Don't worry, progress on the survival server won't be lost.

If you had a global rank, you will be able to get it on all servers once it is available. Please send in a request so we can change your rank on all servers.

We estimate that it will take up to 9 days to fully move and reconfigure everything and test out bugs. We are aiming to release it on 02/28/2023 (February 28th, 2023)

Due to that, our support team may be slower to answer questions than usual
Our Minecraft server will be in maintenance for the time being
Our store will be unavailable (You won't be able to make purchases. Our donation page is still working:
The discord channel that displays server chat (For survival) won't update regularly, if at all.
Our server may appear offline on some server lists, and our website.
Voting rewards may not come through. (Though it is still ideal to vote for us. Vote rewards will accumulate while the server is offline. Voters who still vote while the server is in maintenance will receive a larger compensation award)

Sorry for the inconvenience! We hope you have fun on the new server once it's available!

If you have any questions, or there was information not detailed here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Minecraft Server Info:
- Versions: 1.8 - 1.19
- IP:
- Gamemodes: Creative, Survival/Towny
- Vote Site:
- Help page:


Store Setup:
Code & Develop CreativeBuilding | Network - Core Plugin:(Learn More)
Connected Servers to BungeeCord Proxy:
Gameservers configured correctly:
The punishment page reconfigured to show all servers:
Global Rank Perks Configured:
Global Ranks Created (When purchased, they are given across all servers):
New packages in the store are created and added to their respective categories:
Changed DNS settings for new server IP and port. (Still
Help Page Configured Correctly:
Votes register and give rewards across all servers:
Plugins are correctly configured:
Added & Configured anti-cheat:
Fix bugs, and exploits that can cause unfair advantages:
Update Plugins:
Maintenance Mode Enabled:
Maintenance Mode Disabled:
Anti-spam configured correctly:
Add DiscordSRV to monitor the chat of all servers and display chat & console in the Discord server:
Configure DiscordSRV:
Testing to make sure server TPS doesn't drop:
Test to make sure all store packages work & players receive their purchases:
Make sure game modes are fun:
Setup server analytics page:
EssentialsX color format change for all servers (Excluding survival: Already done from previous update):
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