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The CreativeBuilding | Network Team has coded & developed a Minecraft Server Plugin!

While this plugin is closed-source and inaccessible to the public, it will be featured on our server.
This plugin powers the entire server. It acts as a plugin manager, controls backend information, and player moderation, controls servers, can send us notifications if there are issues, serves as an anti-cheat, it prevents the server's performance from dropping, and it even allows players to PVP in the lobby!

This plugin also adds an extra layer of security to the server!!

While this plugin is mostly useful in the lobby, due to it being heavily coded to fit the new lobby's needs, it can be seen on all the servers. It is modified for each server's needs, to prevent the server from performing badly.

We are constantly experimenting with this plugin, if you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nerdy Stuff:
Name: CreativeBuildingNetwork
Author: UncoiledHydra73, CreativeBuildingNetwork
Plugin Version: 1.0.4
Built For: 1.8 - 1.20
API: SpigotMC Api 1.19
Originally Built For: 1.19 API
Description: CreativeBuilding | Network's Server Plugin Handler & Management System
Source Type: Closed
Access Type: Restricted
Built With: IntelliJ Idea Community. Minecraft Development Kit.
Main Class:
Coding Language: Java
Ran With: Maven 3.9.2

Important Information:

With this plugin, we collect some personal information used to identify you. These analytics are used solely for analytical purposes only. And we do not sell your information to 3rd parties. Your data is safely kept in a log that is hosted on our servers.

Things we collect include:
Your IP Address.
Geolocation is enabled. We are able to see an accurate view of where your device is located. (Geolocation provided by the Maxmind (c) GeoLocation API).
Online information. Eg: How long you were online, average online sessions, and how long you have been offline.
Your Minecraft Username.
How long you have been playing Minecraft.
Your ping. Eg. Your response time for the server to receive and send data packets.
Internet connectivity. Eg. Are you connected to a VPN? (Connecting to the server with a VPN is forbidden. We have this in place because banned users can use VPNs to bypass punishments using fake IPs. This means if you connect to a VPN using a banned IP, you will get banned. However, this is fixable with a ban appeal, and this won't go on your records).

This plugin accesses the Minecraft/Mojang API for accurate Username & UUID logging.
This plugin accesses the Maxmind API for accurate GeoLocation & IP logging.
This plugin accesses the CreativeBuilding | Network API for storing logs.
This plugin accesses the CreativeBuilding | Network Mojang Authentication Server API for Username & UUID Authorization.

We try to be as transparent with you as possible. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please contact us.
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