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Voting not only supports the server but also grants players valuable perks and rewards. To vote, type /vote in the chat to access the list of voting sites. Click on a link to open a voting website, complete the Captcha, enter your Minecraft username, verify that you're not a robot, and click to submit your vote. You'll receive a confirmation message in the chat once your vote is successful. Start voting today and enjoy the benefits!

If you need a list of vote links, please visit


Typing /vote will bring up the list of voting sites in your chat, which should look like this!

Clicking one of the links will open up one of the voting websites in your web browser.
For this tutorial, I will be using link 1, MCSL. Clicking this link should open a website that looks like this:

All sites use a simple Captcha system to verify that you are indeed a real person and not a robot.
  1. Click the rectangle that says 'Minecraft username' and type in your username, ensuring that all spelling and capitalization are correct (usernames are case-sensitive).
  2. Click the square next to "I'm not a robot", and wait for a tick to appear. (This is there to stop fake accounts and bots from spam voting for servers)
  3. Click on the green rectangle saying 'Click here to send your vote'.
After you do this, a message should appear in your chat, to confirm your vote was successful.

Voilà! You have successfully voted.

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