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Why was my content deleted?

Your content may have been deleted for a many of reasons. Here are the main reasons that your content may have been removed from our forums.

  • Content removed due to rule violation
  • Content removed due to terms and conditions violation
  • Content removed due to inappropriate content (Personal information, or content that is restricted to adults)
  • Content removed due to embedded links on our forums
  • Content removed due to multiple warnings given to a specific user account that has been "shadowbanned" or "Discouraged" (Discouraging makes a user experience slower)
  • Content removed for Intellectual Property Infringement (IP Rights)
  • There are many more reasons that your content could have been removed. These are just the main ones. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

  • How do I know my content was deleted?

    You will know if your content was removed by viewing the following image(s) below

  • Content Removal: Links, Images, and Context. (Click images to enlarge them)

  • CDNattachment