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  1. UncoiledHydra73

    Introducing the Verification Badge

    Today, we will be introducing the verified badge on our forums. Verified users are users who are notable, such as the following: Why did we make this feature? - To prevent scams. Users can easily make their username look like an admin's, so by having this badge will help users know if this...
  2. UncoiledHydra73

    New Homepage!

    We have updated our main homepage to make it look better. It is more customized, and it fits the website & Minecraft theme. Changes are live. Before: After: The image in the after photo is an image from our Minecraft Survival/Towny mode. We are currently...
  3. UncoiledHydra73

    Mute Appeal Format

    Why were you muted: Who muted you: How long were you muted: Why should we unmute you: Attach an image of proof of you being muted (An image of how long, why, etc):
  4. UncoiledHydra73

    Ban Appeal Format

    Why were you banned: How long are you banned for: Who banned you: Why do you want to be unbanned: Ban ID (4-digit code in your ban reason): (Please attach ban proof to your thread)
  5. UncoiledHydra73

    Help Commands

    CreativeBuilding | Network - HelpPage This page includes valuable information about the server. Such as commands, and command syntax. Survival Server: /spawn (Go to server spawn) /hub (Go back to the main hub/lobby) /warp survival (Visit the survival warp to begin your journey /ah (View the...
  6. UncoiledHydra73

    Single Server -> BungeeCord Server Migration

    UPDATE!!! The server is now out of maintenance and is ready for all users to join and have fun! Thank you! Make sure to join our discord server: The server is expected to leave maintenance earlier than expected. The server is expected to exit...
  7. UncoiledHydra73

    Giphy and Emoji Updates

    We now support the option to put GIFs into your messages. (GIFs are limited to PG-13) We also updated the way emojis look. Emojis will now appear how they look depending on your device's operating system. (Meaning, if you post an image of a laughing emoji, it will look different on an iPhone...
  8. UncoiledHydra73

    Special Project Notification Update

    We have sent a notification to all registered users! Every day, we will send you an alert until October 12th 2022... Check your notifications here: Check Notifications
  9. UncoiledHydra73

    Special Long-Term Project

    Your probably wondering what we mean by "Special Long-Term Project", right? If not, well now you are. (Hopefully) :) Anyways, CreativeBuilding | Network is working on something special for our website that can improve functionality, and accessibility. (Don't worry there will be more special...
  10. UncoiledHydra73

    1.19 Migration almost done!

    Thanks for your patience everyone, we have been working all hours of the day to make sure that everyone has a nice experience on the server! We are taking a pause at working on the server right now, as many of the staff have been working on it for more than 12 hours at a time. We will resume...
  11. UncoiledHydra73

    Server Reset Soon

    Due to the 1.19 release a couple of months ago, we are deciding to update the minecraft server! There are 3 choices to chose from. Keep the server survival (If survival is kept, the world will be reset and it will be a custom generated world with new scenery never seen before with the second...
  12. UncoiledHydra73

    Terms and Rules updates.

    We have updated our terms and rules. We strongly recommend you view them to make sure you are up to date.
  13. UncoiledHydra73

    New File Format Extension Support

    We are now allowing .mp3 and .mp4 files to be uploaded to our website! (Maximum file size for all file objects will still remain at 32MB)
  14. UncoiledHydra73

    Spanish language update

    I have been actively working on updating the languages for the forums, and I would like to have it finished around November this year. There will be a pushed update, and beta testers will be able to see that more language files have been updated. (To users who have their language settings to...
  15. UncoiledHydra73

    Privacy Policy Updates

    We have updated our privacy policy, so we encourage our users to check it out so they are up to date with our privacy/security standards. Added: We have added Google analytics. See the URL above, and scroll to the bottom to see why...
  16. UncoiledHydra73

    Overall Security

    Hello everyone! I would personally like to know everyone's opinion on our websites security on a scale from 1-10! (1 being the worst, 10 being the best) Security meaning; cookies, overall privacy, account security, 2fa, etc. (If you feel like it, post a reply on your rating, why you chose that...
  17. UncoiledHydra73

    Email Support

    If someone emails you regarding something related to us, keep in mind of the email. Our email addresses we use (Do not reply to this email, this email is solely for our newsletter) (Use this email if you have any questions or...
  18. UncoiledHydra73

    New Forum Language

    Over the next few weeks I will be busy adding on a new language to our forums. **NOTE** As of right now... The language phrases may not appear because not all phrases have been changed. It may take up to a few weeks for the new language to appear in more spots. Spanish (ES) It will take me a...
  19. UncoiledHydra73

    Site Updates

    On January 3rd, 2022 at 3:30:30 PM, our site will look a bit different. Whats New With This Update New Style User Account Upgrades (Currently out and working [beta] Go here to upgrade your FORUMS account rank) If you don't receive your rank immediately, take note that it is in beta and may...